Live Greener, Buy Greener, Do Everything Greener

By Mark Campbell, GreenGreenGreen Editor

The natural world is in crisis. Which means all life on earth is under immediate threat. Why wouldn’t every one of us try our hardest to do something – anything – to improve this dire situation?

The fact is, due to people’s regular habits, lack of knowledge, short-sighted politicians, irresponsible media coverage – a whole host of things – the nightmare scenario we face is only now becoming appreciated on a wider scale.

Still many people are not waking up to reality, but it’s time to work more closely with those who know what’s going on. Considering you are here, reading this page, I’m hoping that includes you.

I’m also hoping that you can pass on the core message of this website, to help educate more people and make a difference, by promoting the green mindset which simply asks ourselves, can I do this thing I am doing in a better way, that won’t harm the planet?

What is GreenGreenGreen?

Green is one of the colours of the natural world in its healthiest state. Yes, it has been adopted into areas of politics but don’t let that put you off. It is merely a word, a term, that we have embraced on this website, because sustainable / environmentally-friendly / eco-friendly are a bit of a mouthful.

We can’t save the planet. It will burn up in about 7.59 billion years’ time. But we CAN help to save life currently on earth – and life yet to come.

How? Through greener personal choices. This is what GreenGreenGreen is all about.

You know those people who say individual actions can’t stop the rapid pace of climate change, biodiversity loss or plastic pollution? They are wrong.

The narrative that our own efforts are futile is completely false. We are the consumer, we can drive demand in different directions. Just look at the explosion of plant-based foods over the past couple of years as a shining example.

There are countless films, TV shows and books about people going back in time, making the slightest change, and it greatly affects the future. We accept that as likely consequence.

So it follows that if we make small changes now, we can cause major change to the future course we are heading on.

As soon as we start believing that we are powerless, we stop being eco conscious.





Our individual decisions DO MATTER.

There are more than 8 billion people on this planet. In most countries:

  • We hold the power
  • We elect the politicians
  • We choose which businesses to support or boycott
  • We can put pressure on our employers
  • We can decide how much damage we do – or refuse to do – to the natural world

To fix our incredibly concerning environmental problems, we need to get as many people as possible to adopt a green mindset.

That happens when you carry out all tasks – from shopping to voting – with a voice in your head asking “how is this going to affect the environment?” As more people think this way, more meaningful action will be demanded and taken.

So that’s why GreenGreenGreen is here.

As the website and our social media channels develop, we will bring more examples of how you can choose the greener options in life, and information on why you should do this.

Already, we have received support from many green businesses, large and small, and you will find them featured on our pages. Please support sustainable, ethical businesses whenever you can.

About Myself

Why should you listen to me? Well, I am just one voice but I collaborate with many others who are on a mission to make positive changes in the world.

For my own part, I have been a journalist for more than 30 years, campaigning on environmental issues throughout that time.

I have been an active member of several environmental groups, occasionally taking to the streets to demand change. But most of my knowledge-sharing, educating and calls to action happens through the medium of blogs, media articles, and social media posts and videos.

I was a strict vegetarian for 30 years before going fully vegan. That’s a full vegan lifestyle choice, rather than just eating plant-based foods.

I ONLY work with businesses that are environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical.

Aside from promoting such businesses on this site, I write blog content and do media work for green companies, using my skills to help promote them in any way I can.

So I’m totally on board with the green movement and very knowledgable about all it involves. I believe it is vital that everyone with a similar outlook works together, and I will be reaching out to many respected individuals and sharing their thoughts on this site.

I hope you will become a regular visitor and help spread the word. We all need to work together on this mission.

Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, thank you for taking action.

Mark Campbell

Editor, GreenGreenGreen

Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell
Editor of GreenGreenGreen, Mark has been a journalist for more than 30 years, campaigning on environmental issues. Living a vegan lifestyle, he writes and creates content for ethical businesses and organisations across the world.