Best Eco Friendly Packaging and Gift Wrapping

Sustainable packaging and wrapping should be used wherever possible, as it is designed to have minimal negative impact on the environment.

Eco packaging is made from renewable, biodegradable, or recycled materials and can be easily disposed of without polluting or littering the planet.

Thankfully, many green-minded consumers now prefer to buy products that are packaged in sustainable materials. Our mission is to help increase that mindset and demand.

Thank you for supporting these sustainable businesses…

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Curlicue makes beautiful eco-friendly sustainable gift wrap and accessories. All Curlicue products are plastic-free, vegan, made in the UK from 100% recycled paper and fully recyclable in household recycling.

Curlicue’s beautiful designs are bespoke and exclusive, created by a diverse and eclectic mix of independent artists and illustrators.

Traditional gift wrap products are made with pollutants and plastics that cannot be recycled – like glitter and foiling, which ultimately harm the earth. Even brown paper can be from unsustainable sources and are often imported so have high carbon footprints. 

Curlicue was created as a solution to this; gift wrap that is holistically sustainable, from what we use to where it’s made, and printed with beautiful bespoke designs. 

We use 100% recycled paper to make our paper products. The paper remains plastic-free – no plastic coating, foiling or glitter – so it can be easily recycled in household recycling.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >

SR Mailing

SR stands for Sustainable and Responsible. We’ve seen the vast amount of plastic waste generated by the e-commerce industry, and we’re determined to reduce it.

Established in 2014, we’ve helped thousands of eco-conscious e-commerce businesses shift from disposable to sustainable. Like us, they know that plastic is choking the oceans and poisoning the earth, and they want to make a difference. 

We’re proud to say we’ve developed some of the alternatives, like paper-padded envelopes and home-compostable, 100% recycled mailing bags. For the products that can’t be recycled or composted, we’re working with ClimatePartner to make them carbon-neutral. 

Delivery: UK and parts of Europe

Website: Visit here >

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