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Eco-friendly gardening practices help protect the environment by reducing the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, which can pollute soil, waterways, and harm wildlife.

Gardeners should avoid using peat in favour of more sustainable alternatives, as when peat is extracted from wetlands, it releases carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that have been trapped in the peat for centuries. This contributes to the climate crisis.

Green gardening can help to promote biodiversity by creating habitats for insects, birds and other wildlife, and by using techniques that support the growth of plants.

Using organic methods and avoiding harmful chemicals in the garden can also help to protect our own health, by reducing exposure to toxins.

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for peat’s sake

Our well-branded, peat-free, eco-coir compost is loved by thousands and stocked at more than 140 stores throughout the UK, including The National Trust, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Eden Project, The Design Museum and many more prestigious names.

FPS is on a mission to bring houseplant and garden enthusiasts a green, light and clean alternative to plastic bags of peat-based composts.

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Sustainable Innovations

Sustainable Innovations source the highest quality British raw materials and transform them into 100% natural and ecologically friendly products. We pride ourselves on making a positive impact on our planet.

We started the business with the desire to manufacture value added products using widely available, sustainably sourced materials and by-products from agriculture and industry.

The products we are developing have real value to the domestic horticulture, equine bedding and animal feed, biomass markets.

Our first product ‘Super-Grow’ is a great example of this.

Super-Grow is rich in micronutrients and made from a by-product of renewable power generation. The Digester which produces the bio fertiliser is fed with maize, grass, and other organic materials. In the end, the bio fertiliser is dried and pelleted into a convenient product for gardeners to use.

Super-Grow is a good all-around NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphate, Potassium) fertiliser pellet that has both fast and slow-release properties, it’s slightly alkaline and therefore great for reducing plant growth inhibition due to acid soils prevalent across the UK. 

It’s a great and convenient product to use on all vegetables, trees, flowers shrubs and houseplants.  

We aim to be sustainable wherever we can, through our products and our packaging.

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