Best Green Health and Wellness Products

Wellness is a state of being in good health and having a positive sense of well-being. It encompasses a range of factors that contribute to overall health, including physical, mental and emotional health.

In terms of environmentally-friendly health and wellness products, we are looking at everything from yoga mats to bamboo toothbrushes, to period pants. Products that make you feel good, feel healthy, and help you live your best life.

They are usually made from plant-based ingredients or materials, and are free from synthetic or chemical additives.

Complete Unity Yoga

Complete Unity Yoga products are loved by teachers and practitioners worldwide.

In 2020 we launched our New CompleteGrip™ Eco-friendly Non-Slip Yoga Mat, which quickly became a best-selling sustainable yoga mat, and the best sought-after ethical yoga mat for yogis in the UK and around the world.

An eco friendly jute yoga mat made from sustainably sourced natural tree rubber and jute.

We also stock the original eco yoga mat designed and manufactured in the UK by ecoYoga, a small business based in Edinburgh, which is known to be the pioneer of eco-friendly jute yoga mats.

Back in 2002, they started selling their yoga mats as an eco-friendly, sustainable, ethical, alternative to PVC yoga mats. 

Delivery: Worldwide

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At Fluxies, we are on a mission to change the way people period. Our modern, comfortable and sustainable period products are designed with function in mind.

Our period-proof underwear prevents leaks and stains provides unrivalled protection.

We offer FREE worldwide shipping, same day dispatch and our 60 day money back guarantee for customers to trial our products.

With our industry leading Trustpilot rating, our unmatched UK based customer service team are always available to make sure modern, comfy period protection has never been easier!

Delivery: Worldwide

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Georganics is all about providing natural, sustainable and effective oral care for everyone, on every budget.

Everything they do is aimed at minimising the environmental impact of brushing our teeth – from zero-waste toothbrushes to zero-plastic toothpaste and mouthwash tablets, floss and the innovative toothsoap.

All packaging is plastic-free and either biodegradable or recyclable/re-usable. 

Delivery: Worldwide

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We are a multi-award winning menstrual care brand with a planet-friendly period care range. Since launching online in 2016, we’ve taken big steps towards shaking up the period care industry for good.

Conventional period care products can contain up to 90% plastic and plastic tampon applicators can take up to 500 years to break down. Alongside using plastic and synthetic materials, these products can also contain artificial absorbents, fragrance, dyes and chlorine bleach.

We use sustainable, ethically sourced materials in our range to reduce the impact that these products have on the planet. Our brand and certified organic cotton products are carbon neutral and we’re an ethically accredited company.

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The Truthbrush is the only toothbrush stocked by the UK Vegan Society. Designed in Devon, it is made from organic bamboo, with plant-based bristles. Each brush is hand-wrapped in fully recyclable packaging.

The all-female team are dedicated to sustainability. All products are vegan and Truthbrush is backed by the School for Social Entrepreneurs due to the company’s positive environmental impact.

Delivery: Worldwide

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WUKA is a female-led start up, making the UK’s first ever reusable and leak-proof period wear.

WUKA stands for Wake Up Kick Ass because we believe that nothing should hold you back on your period.

We believe that periods should not cost the earth. Equality, social and environmental responsibility are at the heart of everything we do.

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