Best One-Stop Eco Shops

If you’re on a mission to do everything greener, it’s very useful if you can do a lot of your shopping in the same place. That’s the One-Stop Eco Shop.

Ordering many items from one place will save on transport miles and carbon emissions, but be aware, some of these eco stores are not 100% aligned with the high values we’ve insisted on at GreenGreenGreen.

We’ve allowed them here because they are overwhelmingly a force for good. We’d just like to see them weed out a few products that perhaps use a bit too much plastic, or include beeswax, making them non-vegan.

We’d also recommend that you support products and brands that go the extra mile to reduce waste, by providing refillable or biodegradable containers, for example.

From cleaning products to vegan food, from beauty gifts to pet food, from ethical bedding to baby toys – these green superstores will make your shopping experience easier and more sustainable.


&Keep provides a wide range of eco-friendly, reusable and sustainable products, all cruelty-free and the vast majority plastic-free. Its packaging uses plastic-free, recycled materials. 

It’s a great site to shop for eco gifts, and to stock up on sustainable products for the home. The ‘Plastic Free Parenting’ section is very popular and a great idea.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >

Big Green Smile

BigGreenSmile is one of the biggest online retailers of natural and organic products in the UK, offering more than 5,000 products.

The company has been selling eco friendly goods since 2008 and offers a wide range from personal care to healthcare, vegan food to gifts and travel accessories.

There are many discounts to be had daily, and the company is proud of its ethical values, from packaging to reducing carbon emissions and encouraging staff to adopt green practices.

Delivery: UK and Europe

Website: Visit here >

Bower Collective

Bower Collective offers 400+ eco home and personal care products, delivered when you need them. Returns the refill pouches free of charge for reuse and recycling.

Loved by celebrity Davina McCall, who says: “Bower sell everything you can think of to live a more sustainable life and I think they are great!”

The motivation behind Bower is simple – they want to leave a better world behind them, and don’t accept that waste is an inevitable consequence of how we consume products.

Delivery: Worldwide

Website: Visit here >

Counter Culture

Counter Culture Store is on a mission to make it easier to shop sustainably.

Shop from over 100 cult and independent sustainable and ethical brands, all focused on people and the planet.

Covering beauty and skincare, wellbeing, cleaning and homewares, the store includes a raft of eco solutions including plastic-free, refillables, waterless, vegan, cruelty-free and more.

Get 10% off your first order.

Delivery: United Kingdom

Website: Visit here >



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Ethical Superstore

Ethical Superstore is a one-stop shop for all major fair trade, ethical and green brands, including Cafedirect, Traidcraft, People Tree, Green & Blacks, Divine, Ecover, Ecozone… the list goes on and on.

The broad categories you can search include Groceries & Everyday, Cleaning & Household, Fashion, Home & Garden, Beauty, Health & Wellbeing, Baby, Child & Toys, Gifts and Pets.

Within these groups you can filter by such terms as ‘plastic free’ and ‘organic’. And you’ll find everything from gadgets to gifts to cosmetics to books to handmade products to… well, just about anything green and ethical.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >

Green Tulip

Green Tulip is a great destination for ethical gifts. Its mission is to offer beautiful and sustainable gifts that don’t harm the environment, people, or animals. 

At Green Tulip, you’ll discover more than 120 amazing ethical brands. The website shares lots of information about the brand, their story and what makes them so special.

Green Tulip stocks over 1,000 feel-good eco friendly gifts to suit all budgets and occasions.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >


re:gn’s entire purpose revolves around developing ethical, eco-friendly products for the benefit of customers and the environment.

They are dedicated to the sustainable movement and do everything in their power to provide fellow eco-warriors with the products and resources they need to lead a more conscious life.

re:gn sources sustainable materials, utilises low emission manufacturing, and works alongside green-thumbed organisations to ensure all the products consistently meet environmentally-friendly standards for health, beauty, and food-based items.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >


SaveMoneyCutCarbon claims to be the UK’s leader in delivering money-savings through sustainability. For those who want to be more sustainable, but don’t know where to start or what to do next, they have created a new approach that makes sustainability simple.

Products and solutions are carefully selected based on building type and usage. Then expert teams provide quality installation to maximise savings and minimise maintenance and repairs

Delivery: Worldwide

Website: Visit here >


When it comes to ethical consumption, it can be to find brands that truly tick all the boxes. That’s where Veo comes in.

Veo does all the hard work and research for you, bringing together the most unique, independent, sustainable (and not to mention 100% vegan) brands across Fashion, Beauty, Food, Health, and Home – all in one place. 

Delivery: Worldwide

Website: Visit here >

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