Best Renewable Energy Companies

Renewable energy – including solar, wind, hydrogen and tidal – is providing record levels of the world’s power as the shift away from fossil fuels continues.

At the same time, the cost of energy to homes and businesses has been increasing – nothing to do with the rise in green energy, by the way.

Each of us can look to save money, cut emissions and keep fossil fuels in the ground, by choosing energy suppliers who invest in renewables, and by keeping check on our own usage.


At ivie, we help UK consumers save more energy and ultimately reduce their energy bills, via use of our smart energy technology.

We launched our ivie app in September 2022, and it has since had more than 30,000 downloads.

The app shows you where you are using energy at home (lighting, heating, electronic devices, laundry etc), enabling people to make positive changes to how they use energy and stay in control of their bills.

The app also gives personalised tips and recommendations on how to save energy, carbon and money at home.

When linked to an ivie Bud, an in-home display that connects to a domestic smart meter, the app shows real-time data in the home, which helps to people to make immediate changes.

We are getting a lot of positive feedback from users on how it is helping them to save money during these difficult times.

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Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell
Editor of greengreengreen, Mark has been a journalist for more than 30 years, campaigning on environmental issues. Living a vegan and sustainable lifestyle, he also writes for green groups and businesses across the world.

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