Best Vegan and Plant-Based Food and Drink

Plant-based and vegan food and drink often seem one and the same, but there is actually a difference between both terms.

A vegan avoids using animals for ethical reasons, and this extends beyond food and drink – it is a lifestyle choice that includes such things as not wearing leather. 

Vegans exclude from their diets all animal-derived foods, from meat to dairy, to eggs to honey.

Plant-based refers solely to diet, in that the food and drink consumed wholly or mostly comprises plants.

Following a vegan or exclusively plant-based diet means you, personally, are not supporting the animal cruelty, harmful CO2 emissions, bioversity loss and deforestation that come with animal agriculture.

Thank you for supporting these vegan businesses…

Assembly Coffee

We are a London-based, independent coffee roastery that drives and promotes innovation throughout the specialty coffee supply chain.

We’re a Certified Carbon Neutral coffee roastery. This measures, reduces and offsets emissions at the most granular level and at every stage of our supply chain. In addition we use 100% renewable energy sources and roast on Loring smart roasters, producing 80% less emissions than other commercial coffee roasters.

We only promote coffees when we are certain that our trade and investments support sustainable outcomes.

We only source coffees that we believe to be exceptional in quality. Our range covers both espressos and filter coffee and includes coffees which exhibit clean and classic characteristics of coffee quality as well as more contemporary, exotic profiles which showcase farming innovation

Delivery: Worldwide

Website: Visit here >

Cake or Death

Cake or Death bakery create some of the UK’s most loved brownies available to order online and delivered hassle-free through your letterbox. They also happen to be vegan; a bonus for both you and the planet. Named after an Eddie Izzard sketch, Cake or Death are as irreverent and subversive as the comedian herself.

Beautifully packaged in iconic pink leopard print, the Cake or Death experience is a luxury treat; from it dropping on your doormat, right through to the last mouthful. These aren’t any ordinary brownies. Cake or Death brownies are everything a brownie should be and more; fudgy, indulgent and very moreish, all made with the very best quality vegan ingredients. 

All boxes are available in boxes contain 6 or 10 brownies. For the die-hard brownie enthusiasts, Cake or Death is available as a monthly subscription where customers can build their own box. 

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >

Conscious Chocolate

All Conscious Chocolate is handmade in the UK in small batches from the finest, ethically-sourced, raw ingredients.

The entire range of tasty bars are free from dairy, soya, refined sugar and gluten and are suitable for raw foodists and vegans.

Each Conscious Chocolate bar packaging is plastic free, recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable. Even the inks are vegetable based and the varnish is water based. 

Delivery: Worldwide

Website: Visit here >

Crafty Nectar

Crafty Nectar is the UK’s first craft cider subscription box service. Discover award-winning ciders delivered to your door.

From branch to bottle, all our ciders are from small-batch, artisan producers crafting 100% fresh pressed, additive free, vegan-friendly craft cider.

Crafty Nectar has been created to connect people with ciders that are made in the traditional way: no concentrates, artificial flavourings and gluten free. 

The craft cider revolution has begun. Join Crafty Nectar on a journey of cider discovery.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >

Dog & Hat

Dog & Hat is an award-winning multi roaster coffee subscription service founded in 2017. Since then we have gone from strength to strength with a high-quality subscription.

We are focused on sustainability, and only ship in recyclable packaging with everything printed on recycled paper. Dog & Hat are SCA (Speciality Coffee Association) certified and use methods from the SCA to select our coffee.

You can ship back all empty bags included in the subscription to Dog & Hat for recycling.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >


Mighty offer a delicious range of vegan, plant based, sustainable milk alternatives, as well as protein shakes.

Their m.lks – as they call them – are free of dairy, soy and nuts, with Mighty farming yellow split peas and oats for its products – far more sustainable than dairy farming, that’s for sure.

There are also barista (with coconut), chocolate and strawberry versions, while the Mighty Vegan Protein powders combine a unique blend of four plant based proteins.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >


Passionate about sustainability and nutritious food, Planty is a social venture on a mission to make eating more plants easy and exciting – no compromise on taste, quality, or convenience. 

Planty delivers an exciting variety of chef-prepared vegan meals, which are handmade with the freshest tastiest ingredients and flash-frozen for home delivery. 

Our Head & Development chef, Joe, who co-founded Planty, makes sure we use the highest quality ingredients to produce restaurant-quality dishes that taste like heaven.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >

Rounton Coffee

Sustainably sourced, proper tasty coffee. A multi-award-winning roastery from the North East of England, we’re passionate about sustainable, transparent, delicious coffee.

Today, as a multi-award-winning roastery, we find ourselves able to work with some of the most forward-thinking minds in the coffee industry, and some of the world’s most celebrated producers.

Our dynamic little team is fiercely passionate about coffee, people, and making positive change in the world around them. 

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >


Steenbergs is a small, family-owned spices business started by Axel and Sophie Steenberg in Ripon, North Yorkshire.

It all began in 2003 when we set out to create a range of spices and seasonings that were packed full of flavour, using natural ingredients that Axel sources direct from farmers, blending to our own recipes and all done with our deeply held environmental and ethical values.

Since then, we have grown our range and now are 10 people, but we are still based in rural Yorkshire, blend and pack in small batches by hand, and we have kept to our green and socially positive values.

Our products are all plant-based, most are organic certified, many are Fairtrade and kosher certified.

Delivery: Great Britain

Website: Visit here >


Phone: 00441765 640088

Volcano Coffee Works

Volcano Coffee Works is a small team of passionate people with a vision to bring you the best ethically sourced coffee from around the world.

We source only the highest quality specialty arabica beans from around the globe and roast them in small batches in Brixton, London. Our expert staff hand-roast on Loring Smart Roasters, which not only ensure the highest level of technical precision, but create up to 80% fewer emissions than other commercial coffee roasters.

We proudly supply coffee to some of the best cafes and restaurants in the UK. This is coffee made and drunk by the best experts in the country.

Delivery: Most Countries Worldwide

Website: Visit here >


ZENB is an online plant-based food brand, on a mission to make delicious plant-forward products accessible and convenient.

At ZENB, we’re working to raise awareness of a whole-plant approach, to inspire change within the food system and reduce food waste.

We’re on a mission to develop delectable offerings that encourage people to infuse more plant-based food options into their diets without sacrificing taste and texture. 

We’re moving food culture forward, elevating your food experience every day through the accessible indulgence that a plant-fuelled lifestyle provides.

Delivery: United Kingdom

Website: Visit here >

More Vegan and Plant Based Food and Drink Brands…

Artisan Grains

Artisan Grains is a natural foods brand with a range of 18 healthy plant-based, gluten-free ingredient products, meal solutions and snacks. Website here.


A family-run vegan condiments company with big flavours. Head to the shop for a selection of delicious vegan mayos – no eggs used, instead aquafaba from chickpeas. Website here.


A family business on a mission to bring the worlds of plant-based eating and exceptional, organic food to everyone. Simple, exciting vegan nutrition. Website here.


Celebrating 25 years in business, Booja-Booja has become renowned for its quality dairy-free, organic, gluten free, vegan chocolates and ice cream. Website here.


A family business which has since 1993 brought award-winning authentic plant-based Japanese specialities and organic fine foods. Website here.


The world’s first tea company to switch to plant-based, biodegradable, non-GM and unbleached tea bags. Still going srong after 40 years. Website here.

Doves Farm

A selection of organic flours, biscuits and breakfast cereals that are vegan and Soil Association-certified. The mill is powered by renewable energy. Website here.

Eat Curious

Here to grow a positive, curious and thoughtful attitude to plant-based food, which is why they put curiosity at the heart of everything they do. Website here.

Explore Cuisine

Plant-based products with protein-packed, gluten-free ingredients, like edamame, black bean and chickpea, sourced from the best farms in the world. Website here.


The UK’s number one gluten-free flour brand. All its foods are plant-based, gluten-free, and most are certified organic by the Soil Association. Website here.

Free From Fellows

Award-winning Free From Fellows are all about fun and have been working hard to bring favourite sweets without the sugar, gelatine or gluten. Website here.


The first nut butter brand in the UK to be certified palm oil free. The entire range of products is vegan and gluten-free, and all ingredients are ethically sourced. Website here.


All their premium teabags are plastic-free, all packaging is biodegradable and all teas are organic-certified. London-based, they also provide employment to refugees. Website here.


A fun brand, they’ve been been passionate about bringing the best vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free chocolate and fudge to the market for over a decade. Website here.


Tasty products from a carefully-managed Ecuadorian cacao supply chain. Vegan, organic and palm oil free, the range includes the popular Oat M’lk Chocolate. Website here.


One of the leading mints and gum brands in the UK, everything is sugar-free and vegan-friendly. Instead of sugar, Peppersmith uses natural xylitol, from European trees and vegetables. Website here.


Prodigy only uses plant-based ingredients in its chocolate and snacks, with no palm oil, refined sugar, artificial sweeteners or single-use plastic. Website here.

Raw Chocolate Company

Award-winning vegan chocolate made with organic, minimally processed cacao, and the ingredients sourced ethically. Created in eco-powered, zero waste kitchens, and in recyclable packaging. Website here.

Whole Earth

From peanut butter to sparkling lemonade, you can find their natural and delicious range of products in supermarkets and health food shops across the UK. And on the website here.


Delicious pestos and pasta sauces using simple ingredients that are always dairy, soy and gluten free. Packaged in glass bottles. Website here.