Plant Based Dog Food and Eco Pet Care

When we care for ourselves, our families and our children, we are now more aware that natural solutions are key to our good health. So why don’t we do the same for our pets?

Many of the well-known pet foods and pet cleaning products are not at all environmentally-friendly or cruelty-free, so shop carefully if you want to take care of the natural world while caring for your pets.

And as for plant-based pet food – yes, it’s perfectly healthy, you don’t need to feed your furry friend dead animals. Health professionals and veterinary experts agree.

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The Pack

We’re revolutionising dog food with science based, nutritionally complete and innovative plant-based recipes.

Food that’s not only better for your dog and their health, but better for the planet too.

A quarter of greenhouse gases produced by food come from what we feed our pets, because so much of it is meat, when it doesn’t have to be. Our vegan dog food produces significantly less CO2 than meat-based food.

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