When You See A 😂 Next To A Climate Crisis Story

It’s easy to show your ignorance these days. Just put a laughing emoji next to a factual story on social media. Job done.

Some people do it for other reasons, let’s be fair. They might be frightened. Or uneducated. Or insecure. Unconnected. Or religious, which may cover some of the emotions listed above.

When it comes to serious warnings about the mess we’re making of keeping life going on this planet, it can be frustrating to see the 😂.

It used to bother me that, for a subject so crucially important for all of us, there were people laughing in the face of ongoing and impending devastation.

It doesn’t bother me any more. And if your blood boils like the rising ocean temperatures when you see the laughing emoji, I’m here to bring your levels down.

For many people who care about the planet, who care about all life on Earth, it’s a natural reaction to want to educate these people. So an online argument ensues. Pretty pointless it will be, too.

For those involved in activism, it’s also natural to look for a fight. You’ve been doing it for years, you’ve had to, no politicians would listen. But even you can relax a little… I’ll tell you why…

1. The Facts Are Indisputable

If someone doesn’t believe that we are in a climate and biodiversity breakdown, there isn’t much hope that they will change their mind. Because the solid facts are out there, all around us, across all forms of media. In many places they are there to be witnessed.

It’s not difficult to understand. If you want to know about your health, you go see a doctor. If you need your car fixed, you visit a mechanic. If you want to know about climate patterns, likewise you ask an expert — in this case, a climate scientist.

These scientists exist in every single country around the world. Independent of any financial pressures to distort the figures, by the way. And they measure things. They measure sea levels. They measure ice melt. They measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. They measure the amount of plastic particles in our food. They measure average temperature rises. They measure the dwindling number of the dwindling number of species.

Then they present their findings. From every country around the world. And they warn us… that things are becoming increasingly perilous for all life on Earth.

2. Most People Believe The Facts

Thankfully, we don’t have to worry as much about the laughing emoji brigade these days, because they represent the minority.

Even in the USA, where climate crisis denial has always appeared to be on a different level, a new study has revealed that 15% of Americans don’t believe climate change is real.

That’s fantastic news! Because it means that 85% have either woken up to the facts, or are open to believing them. We finally have progress, even if the Republicans do win the election and it appears not to be the case.

As revealed in this story, many recent polls have confirmed that the majority believe the scientific facts about the climate crisis.

Including the Edelman Trust Barometer survey across 14 countries in 2023, which revealed that 93 percent of respondents believed that “climate change poses a serious and imminent threat to the planet.” Yes, 93%!!

3. Fossil Fuel Lobbyists React With 😂

Always remember, many people who respond to environmental stories with the 😂 are doing so because of deeply held beliefs, or straight up greed.

The fossil fuel industry invests millions in employing disruptors to pour scorn on anything that could affect the profits of oil, coal and gas companies.

Even the COP28 climate conference was overwhelmed with fossil fuel lobbyists. No point arguing with this selfish, blinkered mob.

4. Politically Motivated People React With 😂

Often related to the point above, this is seemingly always related to people on the right of politics, who seek freedom to wreck the planet and make tons of money while doing so. Not much point arguing with this misguided lot either.

5. Religious People React With 😂

Science disproves most religious beliefs. So religious people are generally sceptical of science. Still, around 85% of the world’s population aligns with a religion.

Fortunately, not all of them are completely brainwashed. There are many religious people who do recognise that, whether their holy texts are accurate or not, there is no denying that our climate is behaving dangerously.

6. We’re Running Out Of Time — We Have To Work With The Majority, Not The Minority

This is the most important point. Don’t bother getting into arguments, don’t stress when you see the 😂.

As revealed in this story about the importance of 2024 election voting, climate protests have succeeded in getting more people onside, but the time for marches and civil resistance should be over.

We must work with the majority, rather than arguing with and trying to convince the minority.

Time is precious, and the minority just aren’t as important any more. Not even if they throw down a ridiculous 😂.