We CAN Save Life on Earth. Just #doitgreener

You know those people who say individuals can’t stop the rapid pace of climate change or plastic pollution? They are wrong.

You’ve no doubt heard these people boast that carbon footprint was a concept invented by oil giants BP. It was to guilt trip regular people like you and me into making personal changes instead of blaming the fossil fuel companies for climate change.

Well yes, that’s true, that happened. But the narrative that our own efforts are futile is completely false.

As soon as we start believing that we are powerless, we stop being eco conscious.

We stop buying the more sustainable products, we turn a blind eye to palm oil in food ingredients, we tell ourselves not to feel guilty about consuming dairy cos it’s just little old me and what can I do?

And we start buying more plastic rubbish that adds to the profits of the oil companies, as well as poisoning the skies and polluting our oceans.

You see, BP were right all along. It IS your responsibility to save life on earth. Because polluting businesses certainly won’t do it.

The secret to fixing this planet’s environmental problems (that means saving all life on Earth, by the way), is to get as many people as possible to adopt a green mindset.

The climate crisis is here NOW. It is killing people and affecting lives across the planet. This is not a future dystopian world. You will know about this. Your children certainly will. Your grandchildren will live in a world where wars are fought over water. Unless we make crucial changes to the way we live. NOW.


How can I save the planet?

You can’t save the planet. It will burn up in about 7.59 billion years’ time. But you CAN help to save life currently on earth – and life soon to come.

How? Through greener personal choices. This is what GreenGreenGreen is all about.

Here it is in a nutshell…



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There are nearly 8 billion people on this planet. In most countries:

  • We hold the power
  • We elect the politicians
  • We choose which businesses to support or boycott
  • We can put pressure on our employers
  • We can decide how much damage we do – or refuse to do – to the natural world

Our individual decisions MATTER.

We are the ants. And together we can make the difference. You remember the iconic scene from A Bug’s Life, right?…

So do we stop blaming big oil?

Of course not. Fossil fuels must be phased out. And way before the 2050 deadline most governments like to use (because none of them will be in power by then).

Please don’t fall into the trap of thinking that all the positive noises coming out of the mouths of politicians are translating into meaningful action. UN chief Antonio Guterres recently said the world is still “sleepwalking to climate catastrophe”.

Whether our individual protests are vocal or buying choices, or preferably both, they will join those of millions of others, and the vast green army will rise and demand change.

It is already happening. Plant-based foods are on store shelves and restaurant menus everywhere. The people have spoken. In vast numbers we want less meat, less dairy. Because of harmful emissions, habitat destruction, cruelty and more. Many people like myself want no meat or dairy at all.

So producers have reacted. They still want to make money of course, but they are realising that they need to adopt a greener mindset themselves to do this. And it all helps the big picture.

What is green?

Green is the colour of much of the natural world in its healthiest state. Yes, it has been adopted into areas of politics but don’t let that put you off. It is merely a word, a term, that we have embraced on this website, because sustainable / environmentally-friendly / eco-friendly are a bit of a mouthful.

We want to put the message across in simple terms, for everyone to understand. At GreenGreenGreen we will share lots of incredibly important news and information, as well as guiding you in the direction of making the greener choices that matter, to help people adopt a green mindset.

We hope you will join us in that mission. There is no more important mission on Earth. And if a hashtag helps spread the word, let’s #doitgreener.

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