Drake’s Organic Spirits: Award-Winning Vegan, Organic and Gluten-Free

With one-third of Americans pledging to eat more vegan foods in 2022, a leading liquor company is proving that ‘going without’ can be something to celebrate.

Drake’s Organic Spirits was the first and only alcohol brand in the world to be certified vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic and Kosher.

None of this removes the taste or quality, and as the US takes part in Veganuary for the third year running, Drake’s is leading the way in promoting adult drinks that are good for the planet.

After launching their business in 2017, husband and wife team Mark and Kristen Anderson, pictured above, spotted a large void in the market, as no other spirits were being fully distilled with organic cane sugar.

Cane sugar growth uses less water, land and chemicals than corn, which is traditionally used in most spirits. Organic cane sugar also tastes more smooth.

Of all the health and wellness certifications Drake’s has achieved, however, being vegan is arguably becoming the biggest selling point.

The nonprofit Vegan Action certifies products that do not contain animal products or byproducts, and that have not been tested on animals.

Drake’s was awarded the certification because it uses coconut-fiber filtration instead of animal bone, present in some charcoals typically used for filtration.

Being vegan is not all about food and drink, however — it’s a cruelty-free lifestyle.

So vegans will also be drawn to the fact that Drake’s Organic Spirits diverts a portion of sales to the Galapagos Island Relief Fund (see more below), and to Long Lake Animal Rescue, a nonprofit shelter run by Kristen Anderson.

Enjoy Going Vegan

So what’s in the award-winning Drake’s Organic range to enjoy while you adopt a vegan diet and lifestyle?

Premium spirits include Vodka, White Rum and Spiced Rum.

Boxtails are innovative ready-to-drink, pre-mixed organic craft cocktails in a box (saving on using cans). They come in flavors of Black Cherry Limeade, Mango Punch, Minted Mojito, Perfect Margarita and Watermelon Tini.

Then there’s the Spiked Ice — freeze and eat adult treats in three flavors, at 12% ABV and only 100 calories each. These woke up the spirits market so much they got a social media shout-out from Beyoncé.

A survey conducted for Veganuary found that nearly one-third (32%) of Americans plan to eat more plant-based foods this year.

Drake’s has seen the demand for vegan alcoholic drink also taking off like a rocket.

There’s nothing dull and tasteless about going vegan.

What Is The Galápagos Fund?

As mentioned before, Drake’s diverts a portion of proceeds to The Galápagos Fund, which works to help the local economy and its sensitive ecosystems get back on their feet.

Why is this needed? Covid-19… again. The virus halted travel to the Galápagos Islands in March 2020, creating extreme hardships for the economy and community.

The Galápagos Islands hold a special place in the hearts of Drake’s Organic Spirits founders Mark and Kristen Anderson, as they travelled there early in 2021 and saw firsthand the effects that Covid had on the people and wildlife.

Mark says: “We knew we couldn’t sit idly by as a place that touched our adventurous hearts suffered through devastating blows, so we decided to change it.

“We came across the Galapagos Fund, and knew that it aligned perfectly with our brand beliefs and values. By supporting Drake’s you support this cause and we are so grateful.”

Visit the Drake’s Organic Spirits website here. Products available in the US only >>

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