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Hello, my name is Mark Campbell, and I am the editor of GreenGreenGreen – this website, and its channels on social media.

I have been an environmental journalist and campaigner for more than 30 years. In that time, I have done my best to educate and inform people across the planet about the positive actions we can take, and buying decisions we can make, to combat the increasing dangers facing our natural world.

I myself am vegan, a nature lover, and I am doing my best to live an ever-improving, eco-friendly, sustainable lifestyle.

I am also here to help you and your green business, by writing professional blog posts and other content for your website, or reach out to the media on your behalf, to promote your eco business, services or products.

I ONLY work with businesses who care about the planet, so I am a dedicated sustainable marketer on your behalf.

If you run a green, sustainable, ethical, environmentally-friendly business, you will know how difficult it can sometimes be to get your message heard.

And with the cost of living being a primary concern for many people, promoting your, sometimes more costly products, can be challenging.

I get results and am very reliable, because I share your passion for sustainability, and am a very experienced content creator with a long, successful track record.

Take a look at the diversity of companies I have been working with that now feature also in the Shop Greener guide. Your own sustainable enterprise could join the list.

Why Business Blogging Is Crucial For Green Marketing

If your website does not yet have a blog, it needs one (but read this first!).

If your website does have a blog, you should already recognise it as a vital marketing tool.

  • It is how you build a relationship with your customers and potential clients.
  • Blogging positions you as the expert in your field. 
  • It is how you come across with authority so that people grow to trust you. And trust = sales or action.
  • Business blogging also raises your profile and boosts your search engine rankings. As long as the blog is well-written, SEO-optimised, of the perfect length, with correct grammar and spelling. You want to look professional, after all.
  • You can also promote the blog content on your social media channels, email list or newsletter.

It is important to publish informative, quality posts, at regular intervals. Crucially, these blog posts must contain genuinely helpful information – the user experience (UX) is one of the key components of the Google algorithm in 2023.

It is also important to do keyword research to work out which words or phrases connected with your business, you have a better chance of ranking for.

I can help you with all of this.

As a journalist, my skill has always been to communicate with the reader, with the customer – and I can also do this on your behalf.

Blogging Statistics

Here are some interesting stats from recent surveys:

  • 77% of internet users read blogs on a regular basis
  • 70% of consumers prefer to learn more about a company via a blog than an advert
  • 82% of marketers who blog consistently see positive ROI
  • 44% of marketers say creating high quality blog content is their greatest challenge
  • Nearly 60% of marketers reuse blog content 2-5 times, for such things as social media
  • 24% of bloggers publish blog posts every week
  • Bloggers spend an average of 3.5 hours to write a post
  • WordPress blog posts are viewed on average 20 billion times per month
  • The average blog post length is 1151 words
  • Blog articles including images get 94% more views

Where Can Blog Posts Be Published?

First of all, you should publish the content on your own website, and then share it via your social media channels.

This will keep your site and social feeds fresh, while sharing informative, helpful, relevant information.

You can use the blogs to share information about your products and services, or to develop trust with potential customers by introducing members of your team.

Have a look at the content I have been providing for solar microgrid company SNRG, for example.

Also, a sample of articles published for green companies on this website, which were also published on their own platforms and in the media.

Get Your Green Business in the Media

Don’t forget the media when it comes to promoting your business. You may not think that your sustainable operation will appeal to newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations, eco blogs or news websites, but I can always find angles that will take your message to many thousands, sometimes millions of people.

I’ve worked as a journalist for 30 years, which makes me the perfect person to write your media release.

I know exactly what is required to get results today. Many journalists have lost their jobs, before and through the Covid pandemic. Those remaining no longer have time to rewrite what you send them. If it doesn’t answer all the questions it needs to, it won’t be used.

Many PR services you will find on the internet offer press release distribution to wires, but these are not the best way to connect with journalists or your target audience. I can help you achieve this.

Can A.I. Help Write Website Content?

The recent surge of interest in AI software such as Chat GPT is leading many businesses to consider cutting costs and having their computer write all their content, instead of a professional writer.

In my experience, do so at your peril. AI is useful for research purposes, and to be used as a basis for the writing of quality content.

But it cannot research all the facts pertinent to your precise needs, and it cannot personalise and accurately brand the content as you will require. Experienced content creators still hold the upper hand if you want the job done well!

That All Sounds Great… How Can I Find Out More?

Let’s start a conversation, and go from there. Please complete the secure form below, detailing your requirements, thoughts, targets or anything else you wish to discuss.

Or contact me at editor@greengreengreen.org.

Thank you for your time, I look forward to helping you and your green business, organisation, charity or any other eco enterprise. We’re on the same team right from the start!

Mark Campbell

Editor, greengreengreen

Please tell me more about the assistance you require

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