Graphene-X: Game Changer for Sustainable Clothing

Clothing made from the strongest and thinnest material known to exist is shaking up the world of sustainable fashion.

Graphene has understandably been called the wonder material of the 21st century, and is expected to grow into a multibillion dollar industry.

But while advances in electronics grab the headlines, it is in the world of fashion that some of the most exciting innovations in sustainability are progressing.

Graphene-X is a relatively new startup that is placing itself at the centre of the revolution. The company believes that the best way to be a sustainable brand is by making goods that have many uses and don’t have to be replaced. 

Its clothing range comes with a lifetime guarantee and has been launched with the backing of people from across the world, funding the mission through Kickstarter.

The garments boast incredible, unique properties.

Lending itself to use in outdoor wear, graphene expels heat in warm conditions but preserves heat in cold weather, so it regulates the body temperature perfectly.

It is also extremely flexible and lightweight, making the clothing comfortable to wear.

Promoting its Omega Pants, the company asks: “What if you could use the same pants for skiing and commuting?”

This sustainability mantra continues across its range, of everything from jackets to polo shirts to hoodies to socks.

Weaving graphene within the clothing has proved to be a game changer.

Jorge Barros is founder and CEO of Graphene-X, originally from Chile but now based in Hong Kong and selling its clothing across the world.

He says: “Even though we are Climate Neutral certified, we believe the best way to be a sustainable brand is by producing gear that lasts. Graphene is the key material to make this happen.

“Less stuff, but better stuff is part of our motto. We work with the toughest material on Earth, and with the best manufacturers in the world.”

What is graphene?

Discovered in 2004, graphene came to prominence in 2010 when two physicists at the University of Manchester in the UK were awarded the Nobel Prize for their experiments with the material.

Graphene is a honeycomb-like carbon lattice that is only a single atom thick – that’s 1,000 times thinner than a human hair.

Yet it is the hardest material in the world, relative to its size, and is expected to bring enormous environmental benefits across many industries.

More innovation comes by way of the business model to keep Graphene-X at the forefront of the revolution.

Mr Barros explains: “Thanks to our hybrid model between Kickstarter and e-commerce, we have been profitable since the first day, leaving no need to seek for external capital to expand the company. 

“With this, we focus 100% on our backers. We have launched four campaigns so far and we plan to launch our fifth in May, with another extremely revolutionary product.”

You can find out more about Graphene-X and its cutting-edge, sustainable range at

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