How To Promote Your Eco Business in the Shop Greener Guide

By Mark Campbell, GreenGreenGreen Editor

If you run a green / eco-friendly / sustainable / vegan / ethical business, anywhere in the world, we are here to help promote your products and services.

This is in line with our mission to help everyone adopt a greener mindset, and live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We would love to partner with you, to spread the word about what you do, and what you offer.

Our Shop Greener guide has already seen us partner with more than 150 large and small eco enterprises, from across the world.

These businesses are all doing their best to encourage people to lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and are embedded in our guide because we are determined to help these companies succeed.

Here is a very small selection of the businesses we have so far partnered with:

How Can My Business Feature in the Shop Greener Guide?

It’s very simple…

We aim to make our Shop Greener guide a comprehensive guide to environmentally-friendly businesses.

It is building into an unrivalled resource for everyone looking to shop sustainably and ethically. If your green business is not yet there, we would love to include it.

What qualifies as a green brand? Well, we only partner with companies we consider to be following sustainable, ethical practices, with all products being eco-friendly, vegan / plant-based where relevant, and cruelty-free. Recycling and recyclable packaging should be standard. We will not tolerate greenwashing.

It takes just a few minutes to join the list, by filling in the details on the form below.

So What Does My Business Get?

Launching a green directory, it was vital that readers could easily find the brands, products and services they wanted – and that the businesses featured received as big a boost as possible.

Complete the form below and you can share in the Shop Greener guide:

  • Your company name
  • Up to 250 words description (which you can change free of charge at any time)
  • Delivery details (which countries you serve)
  • Website address
  • Any other contact details you wish to be made public
  • Social media channels
  • We will take a screenshot of your website to illustrate your entry, unless you wish to send us an alternative photo (if so, please email

Your entry will go live within 24 hours. After this, over the course of next few months, we will also promote your business on our social media channels.

We don’t ask for any monthly subscription fee, we only ask for a small donation to help with our running costs – UK£45 to cover a whole year of support and promotion.

By our research, this makes the Shop Greener guide the least expensive online environmental directory in the world!

And we do represent businesses across the world. If you want to know what £45 looks like in other currencies, check the currency converter here.

Let’s Be Green Partners!

Please complete the form below – it will only take a couple of minutes and you will be taken directly to the secure payment screen when you submit your details.

Your entry will appear within 24 hours, and we will develop a partnership of promotion – for the benefit of your business and the planet.

We look forward to working with you!

Shop Greener entry

(If you want to return to the payment screen, the direct link is here)

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