Best Eco Products For The Home

Making a difference for the planet starts at home. You’ve got to put your own house in order if you’re going to be urging everyone else to play their part, too.

Green superstores make this job easier for you, selling just about everything you need around the home to live an eco friendly lifestyle, from cleaning products to toilet rolls, to beauty gifts, to pet food, to bedding and sustainable furniture. We have partnered with a number of them here.

There are also sustainable companies who specialise within these broad categories, so we have featured a good selection of them in this section, allowing you to choose from and support the best green brands for living an eco-friendly home life.


BCALM was born to help you and your family take some time to create calm. The dream to BCollectively All Living Mindfully. 

Get the best sleep ever, find natural energy, Or just feel YOUR very best with a fragrance mood boost.

BCALM is a wellness brand with a conscience and is committed to sustainable values.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >

Delilah Home

Delilah Home only use quality 100% organic cotton for their towels, certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). They also use non-toxic hemp products, that are better for the environment. 

Delilah Home textiles do not contain allergenic, carcinogenic, or toxic chemicals. They partner with Fair Trade factories, which are certified to the highest textile standard.

Delivery: United States

Website: Visit here >

Earth Breeze

Old fashioned detergent can be up to 90% water. Isn’t it kind of silly to ship all of these giant containers filled with water? That is what Earth Breeze thought too.

The sheets use the water that is already going to be used in the machine. They easily dissolve in hot or cold water. Simply place them in directly with your laundry or place it in where you would pour liquid. You will experience the same clean if not better than what you currently use. 

Delivery: Worldwide

Website: Visit here >

Ethical Bedding

Ethical Bedding is taking the bedding industry by storm, with more than 2,000, five-star reviews and featured in the Guardian, The Times, The Observer and Good Housekeeping.

Products are made from eucalyptus, which is naturally hypoallergenic, far more hygienic, much softer than cotton and 100% organic.

Delivery: Worldwide

Website: Visit here >

Frenchic Paint

The fastest growing Chalk Paint company in the UK, Frenchic Paint has become a haven for eco-friendly upcycling inspiration.

The paints are water-based, contain minimal VOCs and have virtually no odour. They are UKCA and EN 71-3 certified too, meaning they are safe for children’s toys.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >


GoSun builds solar appliances to help you live with more independence and resilience. Using only the sun, now you can cook (day or night), cool, charge, light or purify water.

GoSun is a team of designers, engineers, and change-makers, intent on serving the world with unparalleled clean energy solutions.

Delivery: United States

Website: Visit here >


Homethings delivers zero-waste, eco friendly cleaning solutions across the UK, inspiring customers to ditch plastics and heavy liquid based products for more sustainable yet equally effective alternatives.

it’s time to Rethink What’s Under Your Sink. When you run out, you just add tap and keep on refilling. Again and again and again.

Delivery: UK

Website: Visit here >

Jungle Culture

Jungle Culture is a zero waste company producing a stunning selection of sustainable homewares, bathroom products and handicrafts.

Their philosophy is to inspire people to see the beauty and purpose in nature. They create earth-friendly and functional goods sourced directly from independent artisans and makers from all over the world.

Delivery: Worldwide

Website: Visit here >

Ocean Bottle

Ocean Bottle is on a mission to help solve the ocean plastic crisis, by creating the most sustainably-minded reusable bottle out there.

It’s part stainless steel and part ocean-bound recycled plastic. Plus, 1000 plastic bottles are collected from our oceans for every bottle sold. 

Delivery: Worldwide

Website: Visit here >


A female-founded business with a mission to make the Earth a better place now, and in the future. They created plant-based and compostable alternatives to the single-use plastic items that pollute our planet and food systems. 

Renewable materials like corn, wood pulp, and sugar cane that would usually be treated as leftover waste are instead upcycled to create the compostable products. 

Delivery: United States

Website: Visit here >


Tangie gives you products that have zero plastic, no harmful chemicals and cause the least negative impact on the environment.

Tangie is a brand recognised by the eco-conscious community all across the United States. All their waste-free products are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

Delivery: United States

Website: Visit here >

Zero Waste MVMT

Zero Waste MVMT is an earth-first brand on a mission to create a waste-free future and help you live more sustainably with plastic-free reusables and natural, earth-friendly products.

Whether it’s for our dish soap bars, soap bars, shampoo bars or deodorants – they always use ingredients that are safe for you and your family.

Delivery: Canada & USA

Website: Visit here >

for peat’s sake!

This peat-free, eco-coir compost is loved by thousands and stocked at more than 140 stores throughout the UK, including The National Trust, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, Eden Project, The Design Museum and many more prestigious names.

FPS is on a mission to bring houseplant and garden enthusiasts a green, light and clean alternative to plastic bags of peat-based composts.

Delivery: United Kingdom

Website: Visit here >

More Green Living brands…


Offering some of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly cleaning solutions on the market, all products are endorsed by Cruelty Free International, The Vegan Society and Allergy UK. Website here.

Circular & Co

Circular design sees coffee cups made from recycled, single-use coffee cups, and water bottles made from recycled plastic bottles. Website here.

Comp Bio

A green alternative to everyday plastic bags. Comp Bio use potato starch based bioplastics, making them compostable and biodegradable. Website here.


EcoCoconut was created to give people the opportunity to choose biodegradable and sustainable coconut-based products over plastic. Website here.


An eco laundry ‘eggvolution’ – switching your normal detergent and conditioner bottles for a Laundry Egg could eliminate up to 40 bottles per year from your household. Website here.


Luxury organic cotton products and furnishings for the bathroom and bedroom. Bed linen will arrive in an organic cotton drawstring bag. Website here.


A unique range of pads, brushes and accessories for washing-up, household cleaning & personal care, made with sustainable plant fibres of loofah plant and coconut. Website here.


Ethical household cleaners and personal care products, with the emphasis placed on refills. Keep the original bottle and top up with refill containers. Website here.


Plastic-free refills mix instantly with tap water to make powerfully plant-based formulations. Served neat in glass bottles they save space and help save the planet. Website here.

Ocean Saver

Plant-based, plastic-free laundry, dishwasher and cleaning products that clean like the leading brands without harming ocean life. Website here.


Cleaning products made from high-quality, natural materials that are sustainably sourced, containing zero plastic – not even recycled PET. Website here.