Helping You Live a Greener Life

How Plants Can Improve Your Mental Health

By Sven Batke, Lecturer in Biology, Edge Hill University Plants look so different from animals, that it’s easy for many people to think of them...

The Green Way of Dealing with Japanese Knotweed

By Sophie Hocking, Lecturer in Biosciences, Swansea University When it was introduced to Europe in the mid-19th century as an ornamental plant, Japanese knotweed, known...

7 Ways to Recycle Heat, Save Money and Cut Carbon Emissions

By Amin Al-Habaibeh, Professor of Intelligent Engineering Systems, Nottingham Trent University Heating of space and water in buildings accounts for about 44% of all energy...

Single-Use Plastic Bans: 3 Ways to Make them Effective

By Antaya March, University of Portsmouth; Steve Fletcher, University of Portsmouth, and Tegan Evans, University of Portsmouth Governments around the world are introducing single-use plastic...

We Have SIX YEARS to Save Ourselves. So Do These Things NOW

There is a lot to worry about in the world today. Sadly, we cannot afford to take our eye off the climate crisis at the same time.

17 Easy Ways To Make Life Greener At Home And Work

Living a green lifestyle can appear a big step to take, so here is a list of simple but meaningful changes you can make today.

10 Easy Ways to Plant a Tree From Your Mobile Phone

It has become a trendy marketing tool for eco-conscious brands to ‘buy one, get one tree.’ But there are other ways to plant trees without spending anything.

Glowing Plants: ‘I Am Proof That A Vegan Diet Can Make You Look And Feel Great’

Plant-based chef, influencer and model Emily Kate Armato is busting myths that a vegan diet is not good for health and wellness.

How To Have a Green Valentine’s Day Without Roses

People in the US spend $27billion each Valentine’s Day, with more than £1bn spent in the UK. But we need to love the planet too.

Revive A Bee: Carry A Pocket Life Saver

The Bee Revival Kit - a syrup capsule on a keyring - is a life saver all year round. Perfect for when we are out walking and see a bee in distress.

Dr Bronner’s Soap: Brush Your Teeth and 17 More Uses

If you are trying to run a zero waste home and live an eco friendly life, you simply cannot be without Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 soap.

Why Use Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products?

Do eco friendly cleaning products kill germs? Yes they do, effectively and safely, without using chemicals.

Kids’ Magazines Banned if they Come with Free Plastic Toys

Supermarket chain Waitrose banned children’s magazines with plastic toys attached. Now the same action should be taken across the world.