Get Help Promoting Your Eco Business – Without Employing a Marketing Team

Hello, and thank you for coming here to find out more about how we can work together, for the benefit of everyone.

My name is Mark Campbell, Editor of GreenGreenGreen, and my mission is to champion the people, businesses and organisations who are doing their best to be a positive force for the planet.

I have been a journalist, content creator and sustainable marketer for more than 30 years, and over that time have actively promoted ethical, sustainable businesses, across digital and traditional media, and all over the world.

I know how difficult it can be, to be heard and seen – and I want to help in any way I can to take your message, products and services to those who will appreciate what you are doing, and to educate many others.

I also know that many eco enterprises are smaller operations and can not afford to employ a marketing team. It can be a struggle to keep on top of social media and write new website content, but perhaps you just don’t have the resources to employ someone to do this.

I can also help in this respect. Just call on me when you need me, no long terms commitments necessary.

How I Can Help You

I like to engage in meaningful partnerships that benefit all concerned, as well as nature and the environment.

Take a look at some of the brands this website has already partnered with…

The brands above – and more than 100 others – are affiliate partners of GreenGreenGreen. That means, I promote the excellent sustainable work they are doing, through their green products and services. If anyone buys anything through a link on this website, a small commission is earned towards the continued development of GreenGreenGreen.

If your company has an affiliate scheme, we could certainly partner in this way. Please complete the form below to share more details.

There are other ways in which I can help your eco business…

Website Content / Blogs

Your website content is vital to build trust with customers. It is through blogs, news articles and other content that you explain who you are, what you’re passionate about, and how you can help the customer, and the wider world they care about.

As a journalist, I have written literally tens of thousands of articles in my career, each one designed to grab the attention of the reader, hold them there, educate and perhaps entertain them, and in many cases, take action.

Many people offering blogging services still put all their faith in SEO, and how placing certain keywords in your articles can lead to prominence on Google. But this is no longer the case. Google’s latest algorithm change, and the evolving use of AI, have altered the marketing landscape.

Quality and relevance matter more than ever, and you will have to work harder to share your content to the right audiences, which is where the next services come in useful…

Social Media

I like to focus on organic content for social media. I am happy to work with paid ads if you want to put your money there – and they can be very effective – but I like to try to achieve maximum coverage for as little cost as possible.

The way to do this, on crowded social media platforms, is again to focus on quality and relevance, looking for a topical angle or great hook that will draw people in, both visually and through wording.

I also like to work with the lesser talked about platforms of Pinterest and LinkedIn, which can be excellent drivers of traffic to your website.

Print and Broadcast Media

If you want to get mentioned in the national, regional or local media, in newspapers or magazines, on specialist websites, on the radio or TV, or on podcasts, it makes sense to ask a journalist for help, doesn’t it?

I know exactly what is needed, and how to present it, to achieve editorial publicity – again, without the need for any advertising costs.

So Let’s Start A Conversation

Let’s find out what help you may need, and I’ll let you know how I believe I can assist in the most effective way.

Looking ahead, if you do want to benefit from my experience, I charge an affordable day rate, so you are never tied down to any lengthy financial commitments.

Please complete the form below and let’s start working together to change the world for the better! Thank you.

Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell
Editor of GreenGreenGreen, Mark has been a journalist for more than 30 years, campaigning on environmental issues. Living a vegan lifestyle, he writes and creates content for ethical businesses and organisations across the world.