Revive A Bee: Carry A Pocket Life Saver

We have all been taught what to do if we see a struggling bee – feed it a sugar-water solution to help it buzz off about its vital business.

But who has such a thing to hand when we’re out in the street or on a country walk? The solution literally comes with the Bee Revival Kit – a syrup capsule on a keyring.

This isn’t just a life saver for the spring and summer. Honeybees stay alive through the winter, keeping each other warm, and it’s not unusual to see them venture out on slightly warmer days.

So your pocket pipette can help a tired, thirsty bee any time of year – it’s the perfect gift for eco-conscious kids and nature-loving adults.

As if that wasn’t helpful enough, the keyring capsule is packaged in seed paper, which can be planted straight into the ground to grow more flowers that the bees will love.

Gold Revive A Bee Kit

The Bee Revival Kit – handmade in the UK –  comes in several striking colours, from just £9.99, filled with Invertbee syrup.

It can be found with other bee-friendly present ideas at A percentage of every sale is donated to Rewilding Britain. 

Bees are crucial to human existence as they pollinate a third of our crops. It was estimated by Einstein that humans could survive for only four years if bees went extinct.

But the insects are under threat more than ever because of habitat loss, climate change, disease and the use of toxic pesticides.

We can all play our part in helping bees to stay alive and healthy – and that can start with this gift.

Businesses can also make a difference. If your company is handing out corporate gifts to clients or employees, make sure your presents promote the business as being eco conscious and smart about sustainability.

Most people are not only aware of the need to be planet-friendly these days, they demand it from businesses. 

And as you also want to stand out from the crowd, and be of genuine help to the natural world, there are few better gifts to give than the Bee Revival Kit.

This gift says ‘we care about the planet, and we hope you will join us in protecting it.’ That’s a confident, collaborative message to put across.

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Bee revival kit on seed paper

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