New Family Movie Makes an Educational Impact for Earth Month

An Earth Month showing of a new family movie set in Florida will educate about the dangers of climate change, war and pandemics.

The Terrible Adventure is a family film in more ways than one – director Kel Thompson cast his two children among the stars.

He hopes to leave an important legacy, saying: “The film is about saving the planet by starting a dialogue with the next generation – so they are better prepared to handle the chaos we’ve created.”

Emilio Bruna, president of the Association for Tropical Biology and Conservation, based at the University of Florida, is a fan of the film and believes it is important for young people to watch it.“

I really love the message,” he said. “The idea that the future is in the hands of kids, and they are responsible for, and have the power to protect our environment, is incredibly valuable. I hope kids take it to heart.”

Award Winner

Among the many awards the film has won, was the Jury Award for Raising Youth Awareness on Global Issues at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles.

The film will be screened in Margate, at the Charley Katz Community Centre on Sunday, April 24, as part of its Earth Day program of events. Earth Day is on April 22.

The story follows two spoiled siblings who attempt to win a contest to head up a non-profit organization to address climate change, pollution and world peace.

Kel describes his film as “intentionally over the top and ridiculous” to engage family audiences with the serious subject matter.

He explains: “I grew up in Boy Scouts and our house was on four acres in Texas, where we had seemingly every animal under the sun. I got to know the value of nature and the outdoors. 

“So much of our planet’s resources are now being drained, plummeted and polluted, it is rarer and rarer to find untainted beauty and unpolluted waterways.

“According to the most recent surveys on national water quality from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, nearly half of our rivers and streams and more than one-third of our lakes are polluted and unfit for swimming, fishing, and drinking.

The Terrible Adventure is about the next generation and the problems they are set to inherit.

“They will be the future leaders, who will be responsible for attempting to solve these problems – not just pollution and global warming, but problems relating to politics, food, war and peace.”

Wading through the Florida mangroves – Jackson and Olivia in The Terrible Adventure

Education and Entertainment

Kel’s son Jackson and daughter Olivia star as the siblings in the movie. Jackson says: “Films that mix education with entertainment are a great way to reach otherwise unreachable audiences, to start the youth thinking about problems they’ll be facing in the future.”

Olivia adds: “It’s important for the Earth to stay in balance and for humans to help maintain that balance for our own long term survival.”

Co-star Santo Curatolo, who plays one of the ice cream men fighting the children for the big prize, says: “I was thrilled to be part of a production to show how we all can make changes by sticking together to reach our goals, no matter what kind of obstacles we face.

“I am looking forward to share this with all my family, friends and neighbors in the great city of Margate.”

The movie showings will be free of charge, with donations accepted for charities, at 11am, 1.15pm and 3.15pm on Sunday.

For those who cannot attend the screenings, The Terrible Adventure is also available to watch any time on main streaming platforms, including Amazon, Roku, YouTube Movies and TubiTV.

Mark Campbell
Mark Campbell
Editor of greengreengreen, Mark has been a journalist for more than 30 years, campaigning on environmental issues. Living a vegan and sustainable lifestyle, he also writes for green groups and businesses across the world.

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