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Hannah launches mission for the planet, her son and the people of Sri Lanka

A young single mum has launched a sustainable business that puts money in the pockets of destitute people in trouble-torn Sri Lanka.

We CAN Save Life on Earth. Just #doitgreener

You know those people who say individuals can’t stop the rapid pace of climate change? They are wrong.

World Events are Distressing, but Saving Life on Earth Must Continue

There is a lot to worry about in the world today. Sadly, we cannot afford to take our eye off the climate crisis at the same time.

Take Action and Support These Environment Groups Today

The world is full of environment heroes and YOU can help them! Here are some of the most well-known environment groups across the planet.

17 Easy Ways To Make Life Greener At Home And Work

Living a green lifestyle can appear a big step to take, so here is a list of simple but meaningful changes you can make today.

These Lives Are Being Devastated By Climate Change Right Now

Forget 2050 climate targets — the world, its people and its wildlife are suffering RIGHT NOW because of rising sea levels and global temperatures.

Why the Climate Crisis is the World’s Biggest Mental Health Problem

Climate change is negatively affecting mental health. So search for happiness among the gloom — signs that the situation could improve, and positive action we can all take.

In The Next Hour, All This Destruction Will Happen

In the next hour, 103,000 trees will be cut down. 1,140 of these trees will be just for toilet paper. Only 42,000 new trees will be planted.

Brush Your Teeth With Dr Bronner’s Soap (and 17 more uses)

If you are trying to run a zero waste home and live an eco friendly life, you simply cannot be without Dr Bronner’s 18-in-1 soap.

Why Use Environmentally Safe Cleaning Products?

Do eco friendly cleaning products kill germs? Yes they do, effectively and safely, without using chemicals.


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Hannah launches mission for the planet, her son and the people of Sri Lanka

A young single mum has launched a sustainable business that puts money in the pockets of destitute people in trouble-torn Sri Lanka.

New Family Movie Makes an Educational Impact for Earth Month

An Earth Day showing of a new family movie set in Florida will educate about the dangers of climate change, war and pandemics.

3D-Printed Hive Could Be A Life Saver For Honey Bees

The world’s first 3D-printed wood log hive has been developed in Edinburgh to help reverse the alarming decline of honey bees across the world. The...

New York Pizza Restaurants Have a Vegan Mozzarella that Melts Like Regular Cheese

Vegans and pizza lovers have long searched for a plant-based mozzarella cheese that melts perfectly — until now. Mooliss is the newest such cheese on...

Will Lab-Grown Lion Meat Stop the Slaughter of Farm Animals?

Lab-grown meat of lions, tigers, zebras and elephants will be soon be served up in restaurants - by a vegan entrepreneur. The cultivated meat revolution...

Graphene is a Game Changer for Sustainable Clothing

Clothing including graphene - the strongest and thinnest material known to exist - is shaking up the world of sustainable fashion.

‘I Am Proof That A Vegan Diet Can Make You Look And Feel Great’

Plant-based chef, influencer and model Emily Kate Armato is busting myths that a vegan diet is not good for health and wellness.

Award-Winning Vegan Spirits also Organic and Gluten-Free

Drake’s Organic Spirits was the first and only alcohol brand in the world to be certified vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO, organic and Kosher.

Revive A Bee With A Pocket Life Saver

The Bee Revival Kit - a syrup capsule on a keyring - is a life saver all year round. Perfect for when we are out walking and see a bee in distress.

Music Legends Band Together To Sound Climate Warning

Can music change the world? Let’s hope so… More than 80 of the world’s biggest music stars have banded together to sound their concerns about the climate crisis.

Net Zero Carbon Homes Shine Light on the Future

Plans for a ‘next generation’ net zero carbon housing and business development in south-east England are being finalised.

Scandinavian Biolabs opts out of retail’s craziest day to save coral reefs

Black Friday is bad for the environment, So Scandinavian Biolabs is changing the colour of the retail event to green.

Businesses Can Make Savings On Their Way To Net Zero

Businesses worried about the cost of going net zero should see the COP26 climate conference as a starting point towards an achievable goal.