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How To Buy Greener and Support Sustainable Companies

Best Green Home and Sustainable Living

Green superstores sell just about everything you need around the home to live an eco friendly lifestyle, from cleaning to beauty to pet products.

Best Sustainable Clothes and Fashion Brands

Ethical clothes are made from sustainable fabrics, and are more durable, but care is also given to the conditions for workers, and everything that goes into making and delivering the garments, so the environment is not damaged.

Best Green Clean Beauty Brands

For beauty products to be green, they should be made from sustainable, environmentally-friendly ingredients and packaging, and be cruelty-free with no animal testing involved in their production.

Best Green Health and Wellness Brands

In terms of environmentally-friendly health and wellness products, we are looking at everything from yoga mats to bamboo toothbrushes, to period pants. Products that make you feel good, feel healthy, and help you live your best life.

Best Vegan Supplements

Not all vegans require supplements, contrary to popular opinion. But if you are taking vitamins, supplements or proteins, in capsule or powder form, make sure they are labelled as vegan or plant-based.

Best Vegan and Plant-Based Food and Drink

Plant-based is classified as food or drink that comes from plants, and is also free of any animal ingredients - from the obvious meat and fish to milk, eggs and honey.


Answers To The Environmental Questions Everyone Asks

Is Nuclear Energy Green or Renewable?

Nuclear energy is often considered a source of green energy. Certainly, politicians will include it in their green energy mix. As you might expect,...

What is the Greenest Mode of Transport?

We must all play our part in reducing harmful CO2 emissions, and one of the easiest ways we can do this is through our...

Does Recycling Really Make a Difference?

Do you spend time at home separating your plastics from your paper, from your cans, from your bottles? All to help reduce plastic pollution,...

Is Dairy Farming Cruel?

As with egg farming, many people choose to go vegan after learning about the cruelties of the dairy industry. Calls of "I couldn't live...

Are Electric Bikes Good for the Environment?

Electric bikes have their eco-downsides, but the overall direction is extremely positive for our planet.

How Much Wildlife Has Been Lost in the Past 50 Years?

There has been a large decline across tens of thousands of wildlife populations since 1970. Let's look at that in more detail. One of the...


Advice and Practical Help To Support Your Eco Enterprise

Why You Should Switch Free To Green Web Hosting Now

Any business owning a website - all bloggers too - should switch to a green web hosting provider - and it's free of charge.

7 Ways to Survive Recession with your Green Business

Green living doesn't have to be more expensive - and eco businesses must get that message across to potential customers.

How To Join the Best Green Brands Directory

We want to amplify your green message and point more people in your direction


Environment News and Opinions from Around the World

5 Ways To Talk About The Devastating IPCC Climate Report

By Josh Ettinger, University of Oxford The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s latest report is a sobering read, which some describe as a “final warning”...

UK Suffering More Intense Rain Because of Climate Change

by Elizabeth Kendon, Professor of Climate Science, University of Bristol In July 2021, Kew in London experienced a month’s rain in just three hours. Across...

Insects are Disappearing – and That’s Bad News For Us All

Over the past 20 years a steady trickle of scientific papers has reported that there are fewer insects than there used to be. Both...

Livestock Grazing Preventing Return of UK and Ireland Rainforests

A few years back, the president of the National Farmers’ Union of England and Wales wrote a defence of the meat industry after a...

More Than a Third of Ocean Microplastics Come From Washing Our Clothes

Around 35% of the microplastics contaminating the world’s oceans come from washing our clothes. When washed, synthetic clothing sheds tiny plastic fragments (typically shorter...

Battle to Save Earth’s Wetlands as One-Fifth Lost

Like so many of the planet’s natural habitats, wetlands have been systematically destroyed over the past 300 years. Bogs, fens, marshes and swamps have...


Helping You Live A Greener Life

Single-Use Plastic Bans: 3 Ways to Make them Effective

By Antaya March, University of Portsmouth; Steve Fletcher, University of Portsmouth, and Tegan Evans, University of Portsmouth Governments around the world are introducing single-use plastic...

How To Have a Green Valentine’s Day Without Roses

People in the US spend $27billion each Valentine’s Day, with more than £1bn spent in the UK. But we need to love the planet too.

We Have SIX YEARS to Save Ourselves. So Do These Things NOW

There is a lot to worry about in the world today. Sadly, we cannot afford to take our eye off the climate crisis at the same time.


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