The Biodiversity Stripes show the devastating 69% global decline in the population of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles since 1970*

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Green Home Essentials and Sustainable Living

Green superstores sell just about everything you need around the home to live an eco friendly lifestyle, from cleaning to beauty to pet products.

Sustainable Fashion, Ethical Clothing and Accessories

Ethical clothes are made from sustainable fabrics, and are more durable, but care is also given to the conditions for workers, and everything that goes into making and delivering the garments, so the environment is not damaged.

Clean Beauty, Cruelty-Free Brands

For beauty products to be green, they should be made from sustainable, environmentally-friendly ingredients and packaging, and be cruelty-free with no animal testing involved in their production.

Sustainable Health and Wellness

In terms of environmentally-friendly health and wellness products, we are looking at everything from yoga mats to bamboo toothbrushes, to period pants. Products that make you feel good, feel healthy, and help you live your best life.

Vegan Supplements for Body and Mind

Not all vegans require supplements, contrary to popular opinion. But if you are taking vitamins, supplements or proteins, in capsule or powder form, make sure they are labelled as vegan or plant-based.

Eco Friendly, Sustainable Gifts

Earth lovers deserve nice things - just make sure they are environmentally friendly, sustainable and ethical.


Environment News and Opinions from Around the World

Masses of Microplastics Found In Arctic Sea Algae

Article by Deonie Allen, Research Fellow, University of Birmingham; Melanie Bergmann, Senior Scientist, Alfred Wegener Institute Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research, and...

Is Disruption More Effective Than Marching Over The Climate Crisis?

By Andrew Matthew Macdonald, PhD Candidate, Climate Activism, University of York Gil Scott Heron argued that the Revolution Will Not Be Televised. Yet recently in...

Should Climate Activists Boycott the Mainstream Media?

By Mark Campbell, Editor, GreenGreenGreen The Big One. That name should have alerted the media to the size and strength of the four days...

These Media Publications Actually Report on Climate, Nature and Extinction

Why doesn't the media report the truth about the climate crisis? Why aren't huge environmental protests covered by TV and the newspapers? Familiar cries...

Pangolins Unprotected by Chinese Product Labels

By Niu Yuhan  Late last year, the China Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau received an award for arresting numerous wildlife criminals and its participation in global anti-smuggling operations. The...

How the Media Failed to Report the Biggest Story in History

By Mark Campbell, Editor, GreenGreenGreen The biggest story in the history of humankind — one that will affect absolutely everyone on this planet, causing millions to...


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7 Ways to Survive Recession with your Green Business

Green living doesn't have to be more expensive - and eco businesses must get that message across to potential customers.

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Here to help your green, eco, sustainable, ethical business, organisation or charity through quality content.

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Answers To The Environmental Questions Everyone Asks

What Are Microplastics and Why Are They Harmful?

Microplastics are everywhere. Tiny plastic particles, smaller than 5mm in size, have been found in every habitat, in pretty much every creature, and disturbingly,...

Is Dairy Farming Cruel?

As with egg farming, many people choose to go vegan after learning about the cruelties of the dairy industry. Calls of "I couldn't live...

Why Are Rainforests So Important?

Rainforests are the world’s oldest and most biologically diverse terrestrial ecosystems. They are home to some of the world’s oldest and largest trees. The...

Is Egg Farming Cruel?

For many vegetarians, the decision to go one step further and become vegan often comes with the realisation that both the egg and dairy...

Is Nuclear Energy Green or Renewable?

Nuclear energy is often considered a source of green energy. Certainly, politicians will include it in their green energy mix. As you might expect,...

How Can We Reduce Our Carbon Footprint?

Reducing our carbon footprint is essential to combat the climate emergency and preserve the natural world and its millions of species for future generations....


Helping You Live A Greener Life

How Plants Can Improve Your Mental Health

By Sven Batke, Lecturer in Biology, Edge Hill University Plants look so different from animals, that it’s easy for many people to think of them...

The Green Way of Dealing with Japanese Knotweed

By Sophie Hocking, Lecturer in Biosciences, Swansea University When it was introduced to Europe in the mid-19th century as an ornamental plant, Japanese knotweed, known...

7 Ways to Recycle Heat, Save Money and Cut Carbon Emissions

By Amin Al-Habaibeh, Professor of Intelligent Engineering Systems, Nottingham Trent University Heating of space and water in buildings accounts for about 44% of all energy...


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